Alone we are A PART, Together we are WHOLE!

Why choose US?

Authenticity is the only reason to book a speaker, the unique perspective they bring from their experience.  With our diverse backgrounds and upbringings, came an inclusive view of people and the world.   We have genuinely created a unique experience for diverse audiences.  Like nothing you have experienced before!

What we offer

Keynote Concerts

Keynote Concerts
Keynote speakers
Team work

Our Keynote concerts inspire and build confidence in the audience through musical collaboration.  

Live Performances


Our performances leave you feeling joyful and introspective with a sense of connection to the whole.  



Our School Assemblies build Self empowerment through inspirational stories and audience engagement.  

Melissa Lycan

Licensed CTE ~ Business and Marketing Master of Science ~ Business Intelligence Bachelor of Science ~ Music Business

Melissa spent 10 years in the private sector in Sales and Marketing.  Leading sales teams of 5-250 in call centers and in the field.  Branching out on her own she spent 8 years training and leading promotional teams in the field around effective communication as the key to collaboration and market penetration.  The last 4 years has been a deep dive into collaboration and team building workshops in High School and College using music as the instrument of understanding.

Core Values

Analytics and research has shown that the more information we have about something the more clear our direction becomes.  Diversity in creative teams supports success by allowing for divergent perspectives and understanding.   Through collaboration and dynamic leadership.  


Having lead diverse teams in Corporate America and in Education  has integrated seamlessly with workshops on Team Work, Collaboration, Ethics and Leadership.  

Keynote Concerts

Collaboration: The Corporate Symphony

A Keynote Concert is the perfect way to liven up your corporate conference with a unique interactive experience the exemplifies team work from the perspective of musical collaboration and performance. Our Intricacies of Teamwork and Leadership through musical collaboration is one of the most synergistic experiences that teams can participate in. This popular Keynote demonstrates the concept of team-work and collaboration through the dissection of the speaker’s own musical works.  The presentation includes audience involvement through noisemakers and a drum circle. In environments where everyone marches to their own beat, like creative teams, we need effective communication.  

Participants establish the importance of team work through an exploration of sound and light. Recognizing the role of leadership as the conductor of a corporate symphony and each employee as key members of the orchestra.

Topics: Leadership, Team Work, Collaboration, Diversity



Social Justice and Self Empowerment

The workshops that we offer are excellent for education in High School and College. Team work, Self Empowerment and Social Justice are three of the fundamental issues that face youth in America today. 

Our workshops ask students to explore the boundaries between right and wrong as it relates to inequities in our current system. When is it ok to speak up against authority? How can your voice be heard if standing toe to toe is too intimidating? What is the role of the crowd when injustice is happening? 

By bringing socially charged issues to the forefront of students consciousness we can teach students how to talk about injustices they see around them and become instruments for changing the status quo. 

Topics: Poetry, InJustice, Self Empowerment, Social Justice, Assembly, Speaker, Women's Empowerment



Tim Patterson~Founder & CEO

Patterson A&R Consulting

"If only I could afford Melissa, I'd have her running my company, then maybe I'd sleep good at night! A true professional."

Jessica Bartle ~ Sales Director

Atomic Software

Melissa is cheerful and goal-oriented,  who motivates those around her by consistently performing at the top of her game. She is a pleasure to work with.

Doug Newville ~ Emperor

Groovy TV

Melissa has superior writing skills, a comprehensive knowledge of the music industry, a great work ethic, and lives for the music biz. 

David Newell ~ Administrative Assistant

City and County of Denver

Melissa is a goal-oriented leader who maintains consistent big picture perspective. Her practicality made her a strong yet approachable leader who integrated well with the team.

Stanford Paris ~ Assistant

Innovation Group - KSE

Melissa is incredibly positive and diligent. She always has a plan for the next step and is open to all possibilities when trying to achieve a goal.  She has organized a team of sales people who had never used marketing plans before and made solid ground for sales workers to achieve goals.

Sean Atwood ~ Sales Director


Melissa is a tenacious sales professional, who is able to groombusiness opportunities to the fullest and provide solutions.  No opportunity is too complex for her.