Greed for the 99%

The earth is a living breathing entity complete with a nervous system and a heartbeat in the form of an electromagnetic pulse from the depths of its being.  If we are all one species, on a planet that is greatly affected by the weight of its population, then why do we somehow believe that one person deserves more access to its resources than another?

“This land is not ours, we are borrowing it from our children” is an old Native American saying that warns of the dangers of over using resources and poor management of our precious water.  I too find myself falling victim to GREED. I live in a society that rewards me for working for the new world agenda. An agenda that centralizes control of our natural resources with a few greedy Corporations, strips the land of critical minerals and nutrients and poisons our skies, our water and our food.  I am sickened by the fact that without it, I would be homeless unable to care for myself and a victim to welfare. Yet would I? Would I be homeless or would I be Nomadic? Would I stop imprinting on the planet in order to create a world of relative rebellion.

The truth is most of us simply want to be able to afford a small home that we aren’t renting, an education so we can better ourselves and our children and clean food, water and air.  Everything else that we do with our time is subjective to the individual. So why do so many need so much more to fill their empty souls that they forget to give back to those working just as hard if not harder for their basic survival.  Not one of the billionaires in the world got there alone. Every dollar they possess came from someone else’s pocket, whether a consumer, a client or an employees hard work they reap the profits of our labor over and over and over, day in and day out.  

The question becomes, Why such a limited oligarchy?  Are people not aware of the devastating results of debt slavery that toppled entire empires like Egypt, Rome and yes even China!  Once people wake up and realize that companies could choose to double triple and quadruple their paychecks with only a marginal effect on the companies profits they will revolt.  Do not be mistaken by this. A revolution is brewing.

Are you a have or a have not?  Are you afraid of losing the things you have or the people that believe in you?  Are you a giver or a taker? Do you try to help another in need if all it costs is your time?  Jason watched an African American man begging a Caucasian businessmen in a dental office parking lot to help him jump his car.  The white man said he had an appointment to get to and brushed him off, he couldn’t be bothered. The man was frantic trying to get his kids from school.  As Jason walked up to him to offer help, the man was practically in tears of defeat, he said he had been asking for help for over half an hour.  Not one person in Cherry Creek could afford a minute to help another person. Where did our decency go? Even those of you that claim to be givers can’t be bothered with helping someone who needs nothing more than your time.  Karma is instant, that same man was sitting in the dentists office after Jason was checked in and lead back to his own appointment.

My heart is torn open for those that must live with the rejection of others day in and day out. This isn’t isolated to African Americans, Mexicans, women or the LGBTQ community, it is apparent in those afraid of things and people they don’t understand, living in constant fear of what they could lose. This greed has seeped into our very core and no longer limits itself to money and wealth and power.  How have we fallen so far from the branches of the tree? When did we stop believing in each other? How do we get back to a place that is not selfish and self serving, to instead foster love and trust for our fellow man.  Perspective is the root of all Wisdom. We cannot claim to know better if you have not considered another’s views, yet we are greedy. We want everyone to hear us and cater to us, our needs, our deeds and our greeds. I am no exception, here I sit writing a blog to perpetuate my own agenda.

Nordic Daughter is striving for something different in this world. The band is shifting to a minimalist approach to touring and lifestyle by reducing our carbon foot print and moving toward the Nomadic lifestyle. We do not wish to be defined by the clothes on our backs or the products we buy, the house we live in or the car we drive. We believe in a freedom that is achievable in this lifetime and we can’t wait to share it with you. Balance all you have today by helping someone else in need. The real trick to fighting greed, is to ask for nothing in return, not even a thank you.  Those that have less deserve the same respect as those that have most. Your wealth does not equal your value. Be bold, be brave, be better!

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