Nordic Daughter is more than just a musical project it is an experience in variety, acceptance, love and logic. The musical concepts behind the music build a sense of intimacy with the audience that can only be described as genuine and authentic. The vocal stylings of Melissa Lycan are unique yet classic and the songs she delivers are heart felt and blended. The project began in 2014 after years of working in the music business the members chose to write the first versions of the songs ready to be produced in the studio. Soon to be released the first EP “Forgotten” in 2017. The band has performed with artists like Jack Russell and Great White, Lost Point and Michael Morrow, selling out venues up to 500.

Melissa Lycan was privately instructed in piano for 6 years from the age of 7 when she began to compose her own songs and focused heavily on academics. Though she never stopped writing. She had three vocal instructors including Lance Bendiksen of Bendiksen Productions and has compiled thousands of songs/poems over the last 20 years. In addition to her Bachelor of Music Business at Full Sail University she holds a Masters Degree in Business Intelligence.

Jason Lycan has been building unique melodies for 25 years as a self educated musician. Jason has played music in several bands playing stages with artists like TRAPT, THC, FLAW, HED PE, ONE EYED DOLL, SALIVA and more. He is endorsed by Talon Pics in Denver, CO and continues to pursue a wide range of musical endeavors including his Hard Rock band Something For Tomorrow.

Mia Asano is classically trained through Denver School of the Arts for both Middle School and High School. Mia has performed in venues like Carnegie Hall, Denver CPA and colleges and orchestras across the United States. She is a Scholarship recipient to Berklee College of Music Fall 2018 and has performed with artists like Lindsey Sterling.

Ahrue Luster the producer of the Album, has been performing stages around the world as the lead guitar for bands like Machine Head in the late 90’s and Ill Nino today. We was the genius behind the Bass and Drum tracking. Several of his songs have made it to the top of the Rock and Metal Charts through out the years.

Nordic Daughter’s main focus is to tour the world teaching children how to write music as an outlet for their own voices. Interested in playing large benefit concerts for charities for free, performing our fully Choreographed show for fans all over the world and giving as much of our hearts and minds to the planet as it can handle. Get ready for the fiercest of all warriors, NORDIC DAUGHTER!

Instruments Used on the Album

Acoustic Guitar: Randy Jackson with DiAddario Strings and Talon Pick.
Electric Guitar: Schecter Diamond Series with GHS Strings and Dunlop Pick
Violin: Brandon McDougal 5 String Liquid Violin w Vision Solo strings and Minor Bling Fine Tuner w Swarovski Crystals.
Drums: Steven Slate Drums
Microphone: Neumann TLM 87